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Thermo BindingThermo/Thermal binding style - City Binders bookbinders

Thermal binding

Thermo binding or Thermal binding has an aesthetically pleasing nature of the “near instant” binding styles. Thermo Binding is one of our “while-u-wait” binding services. Thermo Binding uses “Hot Melt” glues to bind the edges of the pages together. The glue permeates the edge of the page this allows the page to hinge and binds all pages together within the document.

Thermo/Thermal binding styles used by SOAS, Univeristity of London,- City Binders bookbindersThermal or Thermo Binding's are inclusive of clear acetate or card covers, these can be on the front and back in any configuration. In addition, an alternative extra is printed card covers. The Spine material is usually standard Black or White. Although for the narrower document, we do stock some alternative coloured spines for the Thermo Binding system.

The ‘hot melt’ glue system used in Thermo Binding allows pages to open “near flat”, therefore double page spreads can be shown to their full.

Thermo bound documents can enhance the look and appeal of standard printed-paper documents. Thermo bind allows the ‘Sales’ or ‘Presentation’ document to have that extra flare, this style may give you the edge to turn a good document into a exceptionally pleasing and noticed booklet.

Students, Universities, Colleges and Professionals have all used Thermo Binding style to their advantage.Thermo/Thermal binding styles used by SOAS, Univeristity of London,- City Binders bookbinders

Thermo binding system has a maximum capacity of 30mm (3cm). There are also some limitations of the types and weights of paper that are suitable. However, if your document is unable to use this hot melt glue system, then we at City Binders bookbinders are able to offer a different document binding with a similar appearance to Thermo binding or other styles of bookbinding.

Thermo Binding is also known by the terms, Thermal bind, Hot glue binding, Heat bind, Tape binding, Fastback binding, Temporary binding. Thermo comes under the umbrella of Soft binding styles and is used for students Dissertations and some Thesis. Thermo binding is a quick, efficient style with an aesthetic appeal. Thermo bind is one of our three main Instant styles of document binding used by City Binders bookbinders.

Written By David Stevens
Supplied by City Binders bookbinders