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Hard Binding Pricing (Thesis & DIssertation), Hard bindingstyle

Day(s) taken Per volume
1 day
In by 9:30am back by 4:00pm
2 day
3 day
Soft Binding Pricing (Thesis & Dissertation) Soft binding styles
Day(s) taken Per volume
1 day
In by 9:30am back by 4:00pm
2 day
3 day
Printing Costs - Student Discounted - (Thesis & DIssertation)
A4 black 06.5p per side - Thesis and Dissertaion prices (Special Offer from February)
A4 colour £0.45p per side
A3 black £0.17.5p per side
A3 colour

£1 .00p per side

Extras (Thesis & DIssertation)
CD write/burn (electronic copy)
£05.00 each
CD label (printed c/d label)
£05.00 each
CD pockets £03.50 each
CD Package (all the above)
£11.50 per set
A4 pockets (paper)
from £1.50
Compensation Gaurds from £10.00